Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Losing Alexander McQueen.

On February 11, 2010 We lost a fashion legend,
Lee McQueen of the Alexander McQueen fashion house.
At 40 years old he accomplished what many in the fashion industry
would dream to do in 100 lifetimes. He was fearless in his pursuits to
dress woman in bold and beautiful statement garments.
I am inspired by his vision and legacy to keep my own light shining.
I wish for his soul to be cleansed and healed through his journey
on the other side. May he rest in peace.

One of Alexander McQueen's Stunning
Indian Goddess Inspired Jewelry looks.
His fashion designs were always accompanied with
cutting edge jewelry, millinery and insane shoe designs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Recap - Pt 3. The Moon and Stars Jewelry Ensemble Creation for Studio 34!

Below are the inspiring images and creation of my custom
Moon & Stars Cuff Bracelet and Earrings that I wore for Studio 34.
It took 8 hours from final sketch to finished product.
It's always a magical feeling to see the vision in my mind
become reality shortly after!
All the grit is worth the beauty that follows.
Below are several images that demonstrate just that.

My favorite photo of the evening
taken by Renae Bluitt of Inhershoesblog

This image of young Whitney Houston inspired
me to design a jewelry collection with stars.

After viewing this Iconic Album cover of Donna Summer
I had to incorporate the Crescent Moon in the cuff design.

Here's some of the grit I mentioned earlier.
I pasted a copy of the original sketch to the brass,
pierced small holes with HS Twist Drills No. 69,
then hand sawed out the design with a 1/0 blade.

After I filed and sanded down the edges a quick
brush with the buffer is done to smooth out nicks.

The cuff has been annealed, hammered
and now ready for the final polish.

Walla...the finished products in all its glory!
I adore designing cut outs that display the
relationship between metal and skin.

I don't have any tattoos. The idea of one is intriguing yet
the fact that I can change the design by putting
on a different cuff, ring or necklace excites me more.

The earrings were inspired by the cartoon Jem from
the early 80's. I added a shooting star element for more sizzle.
Stay tuned for more galactic designs to come!

January Recap - My Birthday Party 2010! Pt 2. Studio 34 Rocked!

Although January 3rd was my 34th Birthday, I decided to host
a spectacular party on January 23rd 2010 called Studio 34.
I've always been intrigued by disco music and the fashion of Studio 54.
I knew it would be fun times to invite guests to dress inspired by
the fashion times between 1977-1986.
One word FABULOUS!!!

The super fly-flyer designed by Brian Deka Paupaw,
Motion Graphics Artist of the

One of my biggest inspirations for Studio 34, Donna Summer!
I actually found this image after Deka designed the flyer.
So in tuned!

Ashaka Givens designed my amazing Green Dress that fit like a glove,
I designed the Brass Stars & Moon Cuff w/Earrings, and the backdrop.
Robyn English of Belle d' Blo designed my feather headpiece,
and Rebecca Casciano did my flawless makeup.
Photo by Ashaka Givens.

And now a pose from some of our sponsers.
LTWest, Robyn English (Belle d' Blo),
Renae Bluitt (Inhershoesblog), and Ashaka Givens.
Photo by Erin Robinson

Makeup Artist Rebecca Casciano shares tips after perfecting
Ashaka's glamorous look. On Ashaka, Rebecca uses
DEX New York Natural Mineral Makeup in colors;
Empire State Eyeshadow, Allegria Creme Liner,
Stone Wall, Columbus Circle pigments and Herald Square Blush.
Her face is perfectly air brushed using
Kett Cosmetics Hydro Foundation in 011.
Photo by Erin Robinson

Me strutting my stuff...Ooh...I believe...I believe in love ever lasting!
I had one of the best nights of my life! Photo by Zawadi Morris

Here's 10 of the many lovely and talented ladies that
represented iconic disco fashion at Studio 34.
Left to right; Zawadi Morris, Erin Robinson, LTWest
Renae Bluitt, Rebecca Casciano, Michi Chassagne, Ashaki Ward
Trizonna McClendon, Elsa Mehary and Asiya Razvi!

The winners of the best dressed King and Queen were crowned!
Congrats to Lady Yvette (As Donna Summer)
and Johnny (As Marvin Gaye). Photo by Tamara Hood
Their prizes were a custom pair of Tasha West Asea Earrings for her,
a limited edition Tasha West Crescent Bangle for him,
Voluspa Candles, Sandalwood soaps, a Belle d' Blo head piece for her,
and a complementary makeup session with
Dex NYC, Make up artist Rebecca Casciano for her.

Thank you to all that made this a night to remember!

January Recap - My Birthday Month 2010! Pt 1. Alice Smith @ Joe's Pub.

My friend Val G. surprised me with tickets for my 34th Birthday
to see day two of the Alice Smith residency @ Joe's Pub.
January was my birthday month so I enjoyed taking in as
many events as possible to celebrate all of us Capricorns.
Alice Smith and I go way back. I've known her
for over 10 years. She is a wonderful friend and client.
Her first album titled, For Lovers, Dreamers & Me,
was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008.
Stay tuned for her second release coming Spring 2010!

The Album Cover of Alice's first release.

Alice rocking her favorite LWest piece
a custom 18k Gold Cross I hand crafted for her.

Love this Art Deco Inspired Show Poster for
Alice's Joe's Pub Residency I attended on Jan 15, 2010.

I took several shots of Alice on stage without a
flash...The movement and colors are exciting.

One of Alice's press shots wearing the custom
LWest 18k Gold Cross and Deer Antler.

LTW and Alice all smiles after enjoying dinner
with friends at Stonehome Wine Bar in Brooklyn, NY!

For more details on Alice Smith visit her
official web site by clicking the title link above.