Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tasha West x The Fashion Bomb!

Click on the title link above to check out the awesome feature
on Tasha West Jewelry By The Fashion Bomb Blog.
I'm a big fan of TFB so it was an honor to be mentioned! Enjoy!

FYI....The Tasha West brand is a little over 2 years old...
But Lorraine NaTasha West has been designing for over 10 years!

E.Badu wears TWest/LWest Black Leather Wing Cuffs at the 2010 Centric Soul Train Awards.

E Badu had another wonderful performance at
the 2010 Centric Soul Train Awards.
For the second year in a row Badu is
rocking TWest/LWest Custom Pieces.
This year the Black Leather Goddess Wing Cuffs.

A close up of the cuffs. The wings bend for Badu's desired look.

New Custom TWest Wing Shield remixed with Spear.

XXL Copper Wing Shield Earrings with a
New accent Spear w/ Feather detail.
I love when my clients take risks.

Click on image above to get a larger close up view.

New Custom LWest Classic Ear Necklace remixed!

I haven't sold Ear-Necklaces since the early 2000's.
One of my clients from Trinidad
requested a few colorful, chic and daring XL Ear-Necklaces.

The Black style has XL fringe hanging past the knee.
Light weight and fun!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New TW/LW Miss Pac (Wo)Man Inspired Cuff in Brass.

The Miss Pack(wo)Man inspiration concept cuff design.
I'll be prototyping other versions of the MPWM Cuff
with additional embellishments and sizes. Stay tuned.

Nicki Minaj is the first to purchase The MPWMC.

More TW/LW Sterling Silver Initials for three happy clients.

V is for Val...my best client from the BK Flea 2010.

D is for Destiny...a gift from her Mother Robyn.
Her first custom piece. Happy Sweet 16 Destiny.

C is for Courtney...this is my girl from high school.
What an honor to have old friends purchase.

Large and Small in Silver and Brass sizes Available by
Request! $65-$150
10k, 14k, 18k Yellow, Rose or White Gold Price by Request!

TW/LW Crinkle/RITS updated with closure in Brass.

The Crinkle/RITS (Ribbon in The Sky) Cuff
updated with a chain closure in Brass.