Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Snow of 2009!

The last snow of winter 2009 in Brooklyn!
I felt clear, still and ready for the new me next year!
Glad I had my camera handy to capture
the serene moment!
Thank you all for supporting my happenings in 2009!
I look forward to having you join my journey in 2010!

The possibilities are endless for us!

1- Write your goals down and why your making them.
2- Hold yourself accountable or ask a friend to check in on your PROGRESS.
3- Be realistic
4- Do not expect perfection...just do..your..personal best.
5- Success leads to Success!
6- You Rock and Roll!
7- Love your self!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Holidays in Paradise..St.Lucia to be exact!

Happy Holidays!
I was so fortunate to spend a majority of my
Dec. 09 Holiday season in Paradise...St.Lucia to be exact.
Its a beautiful Island in the Southeast Caribbean.
St. Lucia is full of lush rain forests, and crystal clear Waters.
The people are full of life and hospitality.
The food is fresh, colorful and mouth watering!
I took over 400 shots of the Island.
The views are so breath taking that a camera
doesn't do it justice. You must see it for yourself.
Below is just a taste of what I captured.
I look forward to my next trip for carnival 2010.

Me in front of the famous two Piton Mountains.
St. Lucia's Lager beer is named after them.

A majestic view of the Piton's

Looking out onto the Caribbean Sea on top of Pigeon Point.

The Sunset...Ever so Romantic!
Stay tuned for more images to come!

I have so much new inspiration for new collections in 2010!

Fast Trac Growth Venture Course Complete!

Its been a busy two months. 2009 is coming to a close
with many blessings and successes for me.
One of my proudest moments of the year is completing the
Fast Trac Growth Venture Course sponsored by the
Levin Graduate Institute and Small Business Services NYC.
It is an intensive business course designed for giving
you hands on training to grow your existing business
or tools to start a new business.

One of my slides from my powerpoint presentation.

Fast Trac Instructors and Entrepreneurs
John and Derrick.

My Fast Trac Diploma!
I look forward to sharing new changes with my brands in 2010.
Please click on the blog title above for the link to
The Fast Trac program for more details.